Terms of Service

1. Use of our Ideas

  1. When you claim an Idea, you agree that anything you develop using that idea will be submitted to the Build. Test. Deploy. team(hereby referred to as ‘the BDT team’).
  2. If you create something that is rejected by then BDT team, you may put it on your own Github, but the Idea must be credited to us and a link must be provided to our website, like this:
    This Idea was provided by Build. Test. Deploy., a group of people helping developers get started. Visit their website here: https://buildtestdeploy.net.
  3. If an your project is selected, you agree it will remain on our Github page for at least one year.

2. Project Submission

  1. When you submit a project, it must be able to be PG. If it is inappropriate, we will reject it.
  2. When you submit a project, you also agree that the Project is based on the Idea that you claimed. If it is not, it will be rejected.
  3. When you submit a project, you agree that the verdict made is final. Do not try to argue. Please.

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