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We get it. You want to be a developer but you don’t have the audience or the popularity. This is where we come in. BTD will help you strive in the world of development. Click the button below to start your career.

How does this work?

It’s simple, you pick an Idea from our Trello board and you code it. When your project is at a ALPHA stage we test it out and if it gets accepted it goes on our GitHub Organisation page. Your project also gets a shout out on our Discord and Twitter. Your project will be up there forever so you can share it to friends and family or put in on your CV!

How does it benefit you?

BTD is amazing, but how? Well we have a Discord server with many people at your service for help. When you publish your project under our GitHub you receive more audience since it looks like a professional listing and we supply the ideas meaning you won’t need to do the research.

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