Frequently asked questions

Signing up

How do I sign up?

Just join the Discord, and you’ll find everything you’ll need there.

Help! I can’t find the Discord!

The link is in the top bar of the webpage.

Do I have to use discord?

Sadly, yes. Currently we only offer our services on Discord. However, we are planning to release our services on slack as well.

Do I have to submit any personal details?

Not when you sign up. However, we may ask for your Twitter/Github if your project gets accepted, to credit you.


Who owns the rights?

When you submit your project, we ask that you submit it under a GNU GPL V3.0 license. You own the rights and we have no rights over your work.

So is it open source?

Yes, this means that your project is open source.

But I don’t want my project to be open source!

Sadly, our morals dictate that any software released on our Github is open source so future generations of programmers can learn.

Can I continue to update the project?

You can continue to update the project, as long as the changes are reviewed by our team first.

Will I have access to the git repo?

You will have pull/push rights in the repository.

If I use one of your tasks, and it does not get accepted, can I put it on my own Github?

Yes, but make sure to credit us and provide a link.

If I use one of your tasks, do I have to submit it?

Yes. If you do use one of our tasks, you must submit it to us.

Other Questions

What if I want to continue working on the project but put it on my own Github?

We will let you continue to work on the project in your own repository, but we will be sad to see you go! We just ask that you credit us.

If you still have questions, contact us!